Pickups for Ukrainian Defenders. April 2022

A full-scale russian invasion has forced Ukraine to increase the number of regular Armed Forces, as well as establish the Territorial Defense Forces. This requires significant additional funding and equipment. International technical assistance is immense, but not sufficient.

A newly created unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kyiv Region experienced a lack of PPE, vehicles, optics, and clothes. The leadership of the Unit prioritized the need for transportation and addressed Yellowblue Force Foundation with a clear rationale and technical characteristics.

Within 3 days our team communicated the request to partners outside of Ukraine and found a private donor in Slovakia, who funded the sourcing of 3 Nissan Navara pickup trucks.

We selected three identical pickups according to the request: 5 seats, four-wheel drive, manual transmission, mud tires, diesel engine - exactly what defenders need on the front line. Volunteers from the Yellowblue Force Foundation team successfully collected and transported the pickups from Slovakia to Ukraine and handed them over to the Armed Forces Unit.

The Ukrainian Defenders expressed their gratitude to the donor and the Yellowblue Force Foundation team. In particular, the Unit appreciated the prompt locating and delivery of the vehicles in line with the requested characteristics.

These particular vehicles have been used for the de-occupation of the Kyiv Region.

We, at Yellowblue Force Foundation, transform each donation into a tangible result.