Five more medical facilities received generators with capacities of 24 to 32 kW! 

Because of persistent russian shelling of energy infrastructure objects, it is essential to provide medical facilities with backup power sources. Even a short-term power outage for one reason or another can cause the equipment to shut down, which can be fatal for patients in intensive care or operating rooms. 

This time, supported by the global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, we delivered generators with a capacity of 24 to 32 kW to five oblast medical institutions. AstraZeneca donated more than UAH 1,984,000 in total.  

For example, we provided a generator to a bacteriological research laboratory in the Sumy hospital. Medical facilities in the Odesa oblast, Kharkiv city, and 2 medical institutions in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast also received generators. 

The need for generators in hospitals is growing. So if You or Your company would like to contribute, please, contact us at fundraising@yellowblue.foundation